Cielo developer experience

Solutions to accelerate developer onboarding and integration with Cielo’s digital products.

Cielo Developers Experience Sections
Above: Sections of the Devlopers Experience App for Cielo.

Centralized Developer Experience

Cielo, the leading company in the payments sector in Brazil, offers a family of digital solutions for developers to enable their applications to receive payments, with all the security tools that the company offers.

I acted on the design and development of the Cielo Developers Portal, an application where developers can register and have access to the APIs, find onboarding and essential information to start using the tools, as well as technical support and detailed documentation of all digital solutions from Cielo.

Redesigning User Onboarding

I started by mapping the developer's journey from the moment of initial interest in a payment solution until performing the first tests with the APIs. With this mapping it was possible to redesign the information architecture of Cielo's corporate website and within the Developers Portal, facilitating points of touch with the user and displaying information more efficiently.

The new onboarding structure resulted in the creation of a new landing page for each product, with detailed usage information for each API and displaying animated features and usage overview.

Unifying support and help database

We decided to integrate Zendesk Suite as the support platform to developers for providing features such as real-time chat, reviewing reports and creating a knowledge base using Zendesk Guide.

The limited page structure of Zendesk Guide became challenging because of the increasing number of products that needed to have support available in this structure. The redesigned solution was based on displaying dinamic content with Javascript in order to have a big ammount of information on a sigle page without spiling user experience.